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Waypoint Liferafts

In imminent danger Waypoint quality liferafts can be relied on.

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Baltic Legend Harness

Our most popular inflatable lifejacket - the perfect partner for the 2016 race season

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Solbian Solar Panels

The highest output and most trusted flexible solar panels available worldwide.

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Secumar Scout 275 3D

Patented click buckle - Unique firing mechanism - Durable bladder system

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Marine Safety Specialists

For nearly 30 years Safety at Sea has specialised in offering the world's leading marine safety products and aviation survival equipment. Whether its a Baltic Inflatable lifejacket for recreation or racing, or a Waypoint ISO liferaft for offshore cruising or CSM SOLAS for commercial users, Safety at Sea has everything you need to be compliant & safe on the water.

Expert Advice & Exceptional Service

With more than 100 years combined boating and marine safety experience between them, the team at Safety at Sea offers expert advice and service of the highest calibre to customers across New Zealand and around the globe. 

Approved New Zealand Servicing Agents

Safety at Sea is an approved servicing agent for most marine safety products including Baltic Lifejackets, Waypoint and CSM Liferafts, and Switlik Man Overboard Recovery Modules. Please visit our Servicing section above for more details.

What's New

  • FELL MOB+ Wireless Cut Off Switch

    Man Overboard & Recovery

    FELL MOB+ Wireless Cut Off Switch
  • SAS Grab Bag

    Grab Bags

    The new Grab Bag from Safety at Sea is big enough to house all of your safety essentials ergonomically, or simply use it as a quality dry bag that floats.
  • SECUMAR Survival 275

    Inflatable Lifejackets

    Ergonomically developed with more freedom of movement for the head and neck - that‘s the definitive design element in this new SECUMAR Survival model. The secret is in pre-forming the shoulder area so it remains stable and doesn‘t load up on the back of the neck.

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