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Safety Advice

Maritime New Zealand - Safer Boating Guide 2017

This useful booklet gives you loads of essential information you will need to know for an enjoyable and safe time on the water – sea, river or lake. Keeping safe means understanding the environment, knowing the rules, having all the right equipment and using plenty of common sense.

The MNZ Safer Boating Guide covers:  
  • Getting the basics right
  • Voyage preparation
  • Operating the boat
  • Safety on the water
  • Boating activities
  • Environment
  • Boating terminology
  • Coastguard boating education
  • Boating Checklist
If you are a responsible skipper the water will be a safer place for all of us to enjoy.

Download a FREE PDF copy: Safer Boating Guide 2017

The information in this booklet and more safety tips, along with local knowledge of many boating places is available free on DVD. To order contact:

The Boating Safety Code

Know before you go: 5 simple rules to help you stay safe

Before you go boating on our seas, lakes and rivers, get familiar with New Zealand's Boating Safety Code, no matter what kind of boat you use.

Take them - Wear them.  Boats, especially ones under 6m in length, can sink very quickly.  Wearing a life jacket increases your survival time in the water.

The skipper is responsible for the safety of everyone on board and for the safe operation of the boat.  Stay within the limits of your vessel and your experience.

Take two separate waterproof ways of communicating so we can help you if you get into difficulties.

New Zealand's weather can be highly unpredicatable. Check the local marine weather forecast before you go and expect both weather and sea state changes.  

Safe boating and alcohol do not mix. Things can change quickly on the water. You need to stay alert and aware.  

Download a FREE PDF copy: The Boating Safety Code (1.12MB)

Also available: The Water Safety Code, The Outdoor Safety Code.  For more information about safe boating education and how to prepare for your boating activity, please visit

Advanced Sea Survival Courses with SeaWise

SeaWise offers internationally-recognised maritime training and preparation along with associated services with personalised tuition for recreational and professional industry certification. For more information visit or contact:

Alan Gwyer
+64 21 976 713