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Large Seematz Searchlight

Seematz searchlights are constructed of seawater resistant aluminium and have extra hardened bi-vertical safety front panes. The reflectors are made of aluminium. Heating elements can be installed into all searchlights with 230VAC input power.

Seematz searchlights are designed for easy maintenance. The rear panel of the searchlights can be opened without tools by quick release clamps, and the cable glands are mounted on the rear cover. This makes it possible to remove the complete plug-in unit including the mirror, lamp, socket and the heating just by unlocking the quick release clamps. This is very useful in bad weather conditions.

Suitable for vessels 15m or greater.

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2000W Lamp 230V

Bulb average life: 480 hours
Lamp Diameter: 525mm
Range: 1500m
Illumination Diameter: 145m

Seematz searchlights can be tailored to suit the exact specification of your vessel. In order to supply you with the most suitable Seematz searchlight, please provide the following measurements:

1. Upstand Shaft

This section can be increased in increments of 50mm to ensure the searchlight will clear any railings or fixings on the wheelhouse roof.

2. Wheelhouse Thickness

We need to know the thickness of your vessel's wheelhouse to allow for the distance between the mounting flanges.

3. Internal Shaft

This section is made to your exact requirements to allow for ease of use. Remember to allow clearance for the handle to be tilted up in order to point the light down, while still maintaining a comfortable working height. 

4. Available Power Supply

24v or 230v.

Quote available on request