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MOM 600 Recovery Module

The MOM 600™ is fully reversible allowing you to easily board the rescue platform no matter which way it inflates. This is very important when you are trying to get on as quickly as possible. With a tube diameter of 11 inches and 10.4 square feet of floor space, the MOM 600™ creates a perfect rescue platform to get you out of the water.

Most man overboard units require close proximity to the victim for efficient deployment. When the time comes to deploy, just pull open the red tab on the pack, and throw it into the water. The MOM 600™ inflates upon contact with the water and can be thrown a distance from the boat to a man overboard. This allows the victim to swim to the platform and get up out of the water quickly, during the time it takes to turn your boat around.

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  • Military Qualified, Hermetically Sealed Vacuum Pack
  • Rugged Heat Sealed Urethane Coated Nylon Construction
  • Manually Triggered Water Activated Inflation System
  • Fully Reversible, Easily Boarded Platform with lifelines Inside and Out
  • 3 Water Ballast Drogues for added stability
  • Water Activated Strobe Light
  • Safety Knife
  • 5 year service interval


Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg) packed
Buoyancy: 600 lbs inflated buoyancy at 2 psi operating pressure
Inflation System: Water activated, 600g CO2 cylinder
Operating temperatures: 32°F - 140°F
Inflated Dimensions: 63-1/2" across flats (approx), 73-1/2" at corners (approx), Pylon 62" above bottom of raft
Tube Diameter: 11 inches
Floor Area: 10.4 sq. ft
Pack Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 3.50"
Pack Material: 13 oz. vinyl cloth
  • MOM 600 Recovery Module MOM-6002-2 NZD $2290.00