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Techfloat - Inflatable Horseshoe

The Techfloat is an all in one unit that can be conveniently stored at the helm of a small boat or strategically placed in several locations on larger yachts. Its light weight design and football like shape allow you to easily throw.

With 25lbs (11.3 kg) of inflatable buoyancy the Techfloat provides excellent flotation to allow the victim relax and focus on being rescued. The horseshoe design is easy to get into while the quick release buckle will keep you secured to the unit.

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Bag Dimensions:

15"H x 5"D

21 oz. packed
Bag Material:

Coated Nylon
Bag Color:

Line Material:

Floating braided line, polypropylene

25lb (11.3kg) buoyancy (inflated)
Horseshoe Material:

Urethane-coated Nylon
Chest Straps:

1" nylon web. with Quick Release Buckle

Replaceable 25g CO2

Via oral valve

Replaceable 25g CO2
Techfloat Repack Kit :

Model No. 800015 Repacking: One or two Repack Kits should be carried aboard. The Techfloat is easy to repack the owner/user should become familiar.
Service interval:

2 years

  • Techfloat 800014 NZD $349.00