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XS Emergency Navigation Pack

The XS Emergency light pack includes the XS, XS-R and XS-G offering a set of 3 high powered, compact, waterproof torches in white, green and red.

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  • All 3 lights are usable individually as ultra-versatile LED micro torches
  • The 3 colours offer a high level of visibility to other vessels in an emergency situation
  • Visible from 3 nautical miles away
  • Burn duration 6 hours on high and 60 hours on low
  • The supplied batteries are rechargeable via the USB charger offering global compatibility and saving money on future battery purchases
  • Disposable CR123 batteries, available globally, can be used in place of supplied RCR123 batteries
  • The included light diffusers can be added to create all-around lanterns for increased visibility and illuminating a large area
  • Quick Release Stanchion / handle bar mounts enabling positioning throughout the boat both internally and externally
  • The quick mount stanchion brackets are also compatible with bicycle handle bars and seat posts creating a front white light and a red rear light
  • Set enclosed in a storage case for ease of location and safe storage

In the box: 1 x XS, 1 x XS-R, 1 x XS-G torch, 3 x stanchion/bar mounts, QR reflective lanyard, 3 x diffuser/beacon, USB CR123 charger, 3 x CR123 Rechargeable batteries

  • Navigation Pack EXPMARXSPACK NZD $299.00