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Ship Wheel M.E.D / SOLAS A - Self Righting Throw Overboard Liferaft

The CSM SOLAS A Throw Overboard Liferaft is ideally suited to international voyages.
Once thrown overboard the liferaft will open and inflate automatically or when not thrown from the ship, the Hydrostatic Release Unit will ensure the liferaft floats to the surface before inflation.

The liferaft is fitted with one boarding ramp, one outer and one inner canopy and an inflatable floor.

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  • 6 Person CSM-RAFT-SR-6 NZD $4559.00
  • 10 Person CSM-RAFT-SR-10 NZD $5229.00
  • 15 Person CSM-RAFT-SR-15 NZD $5499.00
  • 20 Person CSM-RAFT-SR-20 NZD $7359.00
  • 25 Person CSM-RAFT-SR-25 NZD $7799.00
  • 50 Person CSM-RAFT-SR-50 NZD $17499.00