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Secumar Survival 220

Ergonomically developed with more freedom of movement for the head
and neck – that‘s the definitive design element in this new SURVIVAL model. The secret is in pre-forming the shoulder area so it remains stable and doesn‘t‚ 'load up‘ on the back of the neck.

The shorter cut and rear padded webbing harness all add to the wearer‘s comfort but it‘s not short on safety – the 150N Class version still packs a full 220N of buoyancy for better freeboard and turning power as well as having a front ‚Click‘ buckle, crutch strap, sprayhood and harness.

220N lifejacket with integrated harness approved to DIN EN ISO 12402-3. Max buoyancy for 150N class. Shorter cut for the SURVIVAL series. Faster righting moment with the new SURVIVAL bladder technology. Designed to take small PLBs or SARTs.

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Performance Class (ISO 12402)150 N
Method of InflatorAutomatic inflator 4001S
Buoyancy220 N
CO₂-Cartridge43 g CO₂ Dock
Buoyancy bladder typeNew SECUMAR Winglet buoyancy chamber, SECUMAR Duo Protect, dual walled system, retro-reflective strips, dedicated light attachment point, in protective cover
Standard equipmentIn protective cover, Softshell neck area, oral valve, whistle, manual override, reflective strips, suspension loop, lifejacket storage bag
Integral harnessYes
ClosureFront click buckle
Crutch strapYes
Spray HoodYes
Emergency lightOptional
Integral pocket for ELTYes
Inspection windowYes
Lifting becketYes
Size / Body weightover 50 kg
Buoyancy bladderWinglet
Type of buoyancyInflatable
Type of clothingHeavy weather clothing
3M® reflective stripsYes
Protective coverCordura
Back sectionPadded back strap, Vertically adjustable back strap
Secumar Catalogue 2016
  • Survival 220N 15236 NZD $599.00