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Lifejackets save lives

70% of all boating fatality accidents result from drowning. Almost 90% of those who drown are not wearing a life jacket. Having life jackets aboard does not save lives — WEARING them does! Life Jacket, Life Vest, Personal Flotation Device (PFD) — whatever you call it, it only works if you wear it. (PFDMA - 2008)  

Which lifejacket is right for you?

Do you remember your childhood lifejacket with a big collar and large foam panels which made every task awkward from eating lunch to jumping ashore and tying the boat up?  Baltic, Europe’s largest manufacturer of lifejackets & buoyancy aids, has helped to make these old fashioned products a thing of the past. Baltic offers modern, comfortable, functional & safe buoyancy products for all activities. Please click for our GUIDE TO LIFEJACKETS