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Golf 275

This fully automatic inflatable lifejacket is for tough jobs. The GOLF 275 has a protective cover made of robust nylon fabric. It's very light and with a compact design. The buoyancy chamber and protective cover are separate components, and in the case of wear and tear can be replaced independently of one other.

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Buoyancy Class (CE)275 N
Type of buoyancy/ Method of InflatorInflatable / Automatic inflator 3001S
Buoyancy/ CO2-cartridge size280 N / 56 g
Size/ body weight Buoyancy
Buoyancy chamber systemBright orange buoyancy chamber in navy blue protective cover.
Standard equipmentCrotch strap loops, whistle
ColourNavyblue, Orange (=SPR)
ClosureFront buckle
Emergency lightOptional
Particularly suitable for / Operational area Water board authorities, Police, Rescue organisations, Universal work PFDs

  • Golf 275N 11513 NZD $449.00