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Immersion Suit Contra 110 HD

A dry-suit – as it should be: lightweight, comfortable and breathable as well as abrasion resistant and unobtrusive to wear under work clothing – with extra insulation from an inner fleece layer.

On water, clothing and protective equipment must work perfectly together and that is the basic thinking behind the CONTRA 110 “Heavy Duty” under-suit, bringing together the important facets of outstanding functionality and a higher level of comfort.

The suit is waterproof – guaranteeing a longer survival time in cold water – and with differing layers of underwear can be made flexible over a range of temperatures to prevent ‘cold shock’ and hypothermia. The GORE-TEX® tri-laminate material is abrasion resistant and at the same time breathable, so being light, can be worn under one’s favourite outer clothing, thereby protecting it from mechanical damage and prolonging its working life. The inner layer comprises of an insulating fleece and the outer layer is from abrasion resistant NOMEX with the GORE-TEX membrane in the middle allowing no water in but at the same time water vapour to escape.

The suit is available in six sizes with plenty of allowance for freedom of movement. Integral socks, soft seals at wrists and neck are comfortable enough that the suit can be worn for extended periods. The front horizontal zip over the stomach allows easy and quick access.

The suit in itself has no inherent buoyancy system. We therefore recommend an additional SECUMAR lifejacket to DIN EN ISO 12402-2 with a minimum of 275N buoyancy.

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Weightca. 1,3 kg
Temperature range
Storage: -30°C to +65°C
Air: -30°C to +65°C
Water: +2°C to +30°C
Geographical rangeNo restriction
Areas of applicationwaterproof and breathable under-suit, which in combination with suitable thermal underwear, can be worn under general work clothing. All work on or around water. Offshore installations.
Outer fabric materialwaterproof breathable 3-layer GORE-TEX laminate. 100% polyamide
Material socksstretch GORE-TEX®
Seams100% PES, waterproof
CuffsLined neoprene at neck and wrists with a special inner coating for easy access.
ZipEasy entry via a horizontal zip across the stomach.
Application Fishing, Water board authorities, Fire brigades, Police, Ferry and passenger ships, Rescue organisations, Offshore wind farms, MOB
  • Immersion Suit HD 15125L NZD $2490.00