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Traditional buoyancy aids work well in water but not on the dance floor. Baltic works to put some style into buoyancy aids. Baltic’s latest modern stylish boating clothing has the bonus of being an approved buoyancy aid. The buoyancy in this clothing is provided either by buoyant foam or an inflatable lung. These are 50N buoyancy aids and these products are only suitable for competent swimmers. 

Baltic also offers a range of floatation suits for the colder winter months. Winter at sea is very different to the summer – but it can be fantastic. The winter puts extra demands on your protective equipment due to the cold. A floatation suit protects against the first cold shock of entering the water, then as the water enters the suit it is slowly heated by the body. All our suits are tested and approved to EN ISO 15027- 1 thermal protection. One of the criteria for this test is that five people in 15° C water for two hours must not lose more than two degrees in body core temperature. Test subjects in Baltic floatation suits lost only 0,8° C. As these suits provide the same buoyant properties as 50N buoyancy aids these suits are only suitable for competent swimmers.