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Para-Tech Parachute Anchor

The PARA-TECH Parachute Anchor gives you the distinct advantage of self-sufficiency, a safety valve at sea,
more safe miles in the ocean, drift control, attitude stabilisation, making landfall safely and multihulls

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  • Made from high strength NYLON fabric having weight and strength more than four times that of surplus parachutes
  • Seams are reinforced with Nylon webbing
  • Nylon lines with a minimum strength of 1,500# are joined at the rode end to a shackle with a strength of from 17,000# to 52,000#
  • Designed to blow a panel before anything else fails, the Sea Anchor will still hold the boat but with increased drift
  • It will function properly even with some broken or damaged lines.
  • User Friendly
  • Deployable Stow Bag - the bag is simply tossed overboard with the Sea Anchor inside
  • Designed for ease of use and clean deployment
  • Heavy Duty Shackle
  • Float Line
  • Instruction Manual
Para-Tech Sea Anchor Instructions
  • 6ft Zodiac PARA-6 NZD $449.00