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Boat Brake

Boat Brakes are ideal for Drift Fishing, Trolling and Emergency Use.
Boat Brakes provide greater boat control, slowing bigger boats and improving fishing success. They are fully adjustable while in use and allow instant collapsing for easy retrieval.

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  • 60" Heavy Duty - Suits boats to 33ft
  • 70" Heavy Duty - Suits boats to 36ft
  • Fully adjustable while in use
  • Unique dual-control rope anti-spiral design also permits tandem use when additional drag is needed
  • Easy to use
  • Self Opening (Built in floats & weight)
  • Adjust drag while in use
  • Slows big boats
  • Improves fishing success
  • Provides greater boat control
  • Aids disabled craft
  • Allow instant collapsing for easy retrieval
  • Permits tandem use for extra drag
  • Reinforced construction
  • Convenient storage bag
  • Saves time, fuel and money
  • 60" BB60 NZD $490.00
  • 72" BB72 NZD $649.00