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DTX Stainless Steel Anchor

The new DTX® anchor fills the gap between the existing galvanised and stainless Delta™ anchors, allowing boat owners and builders to specify a stainless steel anchor for a significantly reduced outlay.

Made from 316 stainless steel, the DTX® anchors feature exceptional anti-corrosional performance and the enhanced aesthetics that stainless anchors offer. Utilising lead ballast encapsulated within the tip of the anchor to achieve the perfect centre of gravity, the DTX® offers the initial bite and holding reliability that users of our Delta™ anchors have come to expect.

Every DTX® anchor is certified to Lloyd's Ordinary Holding Power standard and is warrantied for 3 years against breakage.

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  • Manufactured from 316 stainless steel
  • Self launching
  • Ordinary Holding Power certified
  • Guaranteed for 3 years against breakage
  • 6kg anchor 0057206 NZD $835.00
  • 10kg anchor 0057210 NZD $1405.00
  • 16kg anchor 0057216 NZD $2015.00
  • 20kg anchor 0057220 NZD $2719.00
  • 25kg anchor 0057225 NZD $2949.00
  • 32kg anchor 0057232 NZD $3825.00
  • 40kg anchor 0057240 NZD $4959.00
  • 50kg anchor 0057250 NZD $6535.00
  • 63kg anchor 0057263 NZD $8699.00