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AA710 Kit

A wireless remote control for full windlass control and chain counting with the option of thruster operation.

The kit includes: a hand-held radio remote control unit, a base station (antenna compatible, with 6 functions), grey sensor, 2 magnets, motor load sensor terminators, installation instructions, diagrams and an operation manual.

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  • Larger LCD with improved contrast
  • 2 additional outputs in the base station allow for more installation options - A single kit can be used for 1 windlass plus a bow and stern thruster
  • Antenna plug is standard on the base station
  • Automatic sensor detection - no need to select sensor in the set up
  • Manual control alarm and stop at docking distance - stops the windlass during retrieval when using manual and automatic operations
  • Swap controls option in set up - this option means the UP button can be used as OUt and the Down button can be used as In
  • Drum windlass counting capability
  • Improved troubleshooting - Simplified diagnostics and built in voltmeter with expanded technician diagnostics
  • Time out connection between the base station and the console now adjustable up to 20 minutes
  • Dual speed windlass capability
  • Options for windlass related actions, using the left and right arrow buttons, no longer limited to anchorwash and anchorlight. Can now be user selected and could include a windlass stow, power cleats, deck wash, deck light
  • Power enable option now available with off delay for hydraulic, AC, DC and PLC installations
  • Full windlass control and chain counting
  • Controls bow and stern thrusters independently and together
  • Preset the length of rode to deploy
  • Auto stop and docking alarm when the anchor is close to docking
  • Counts rope/chain or all-chain rode
  • Logs windlass operating hours for maintenance
  • Easy installation and set up
  • Plug and play sensor installation
  • Console unit is shockproof, waterproof and will float
  • High level wireless transmission security includes unique ID and registration for every unit
  • Safety lock reduces unwanted operation
  • Ergonomic shape with lanyard connector
  • Console holder and protective cover
  • Displays signal strength and battery level
  • Use with DC, AC and hydraulic windlasses
  • Antenna available if wireless communication is impeded
  • Operates in parallel with other control equipment eg toggle switches, foot switches and other electronic controllers
AA710 Product Information
  • AA710 AA9408 NZD $1375.00