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MOB+ Wireless Cut Off Makes Boating Safe To Be Fee

02 Sep 2017

The new MOB+ by FELL Marine is the world’s smallest Man-Over-Board device, and is now available in NZ. The revolutionary MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off gives outboard operators the freedom to move around their boat knowing that the engine will cut out if they are to be thrown overboard.

The MOB+ system is easily retrofitted to any outboard control. It operates wirelessly via the compact xBand or xTag on the skipper and the xHUB at the steering console. The engine is automatically cut if the skipper is submerged or goes outside a 30 foot perimeter, but can be started again within seconds to perform a rescue.

Factory installed kill-switches are rarely worn due to inconvenience. Activities like fishing, coaching, and water skiing often require movement away from the throttle, so the MOB+ represents the opportunity to save lives while improving freedom of movement.

Cruise comfortably without the cord.

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