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The Baltic Polar Floatation Suit is ideal for every day boating and winter fishing, having the same characteristics as a modern sailing suit. Baltic’s Multi Floatation System not only provides the added benefit of being waterproof, but also gives extra buoyancy and protection from cold shock.
During testing when immersed in 15°C water for 2 hours, test subjects lost only 0.8°C core temperature.

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  • Waterproof with extra buoyancy
  • Protection from cold shock
  • 4 fleeced lined thermo pockets
  • 2 cargo pockets
  • 1 inside pocket
  • Retro reflective patches
  • D-ring to attach to an emergency switch halyard
  • Internal braces
  • Whistle
  • Quick drying mesh lining
  • Legs are fitted with water locks
  • Adjustable PU cuffs
  • 2 year guarantee
Baltic Polar Flotation Suit
  • XXXL (100++kg) 5795-000-7 NZD $699.00